RECIPES : Calf-foot salad with Tarbais Beans
(serves 8)


●-- Ingredients : 400 gr Label Rouge and IGP Tarbais Dried Beans, 8 calf-foot halves, court bouillon made with 400 gr carrots, 4 onions (1 studded with 3 cloves), 400 gr leeks, 1 head of garlic, 1 bouquet garni including a stick of celery, a “blanc” (flour mixed to paste with cold water and lemon juice). Dressing : vinaigrette made with olive oil and seasoned with gherkins, onions, parsley and 2 boiled eggs (all chopped), capers, salt and pepper.

●-- Preparation :

Blanch the calf-feet, refresh with cold water, then boil in the court bouillon for a good 2 hours. When cooked, remove the bones and allow to cool a little, then dice the meat. Prepare the Tarbais Beans according to the basic recipe : do not allow them to get too soft.

Presentation : Arrange the beans on a large plate or salad dish. Top with the warm, diced meat and pour the vinaigrette on top.

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