RECIPES : Sauteed Lamb with Tarbais Beans (serves 4) 


Cooker : Rôtisserie des Carmes - Toulouse
Picture : JJ ADE

●-- Preparation : 30 minutes. Cooking time : 1¾ hours

●-- Ingredients : 1 kg fresh Label Rouge and IGP Tarbais Beans (shelled weight), 1 kg lamb (e.g. shoulder) cut in pieces, 3 onions, 1 clove, 4 garlic cloves, small bouquet garni, 125 gr butter, 1 litre stock, 2 shallots, small bunch of flat parsley, salt and pepper.

●-- Preparation :

Ask the butcher to cut the meat into regular-sized, smallish pieces without removing the bone. Season the meat, peel the onions and carrots, slice two of the onions finely and stick the clove in the other one. Slice the carrots, peel and crush 2 cloves of garlic.
Heat 40 gr butter in a deep braising pan, add half the sliced onions, the carrots and the lamb pieces. Cook till well browned, stirring now and then with a wooden spoon.
Melt another 40 gr butter in a heavy-bottomed casserole, add the fresh Tarbais Beans, the crushed garlic, the bouquet garni and the clove-studded onion. Cover and “sweat” the haricots for 20 minutes on the lowest possible heat, stirring occasionally with a wooden spoon so that they don’t stick.
When the lamb is well-browned, cover it with the stock and bring to the boil.
Pour the lamb and the stock into the casserole dish : the stock should cover the haricots (if necessary add a little extra stock or hot water). Cover and cook on a very low light for 1 hr 20 mins. Season halfway through the cooking time. Peel and finely chop the shallots, remaining garlic and the parsley. Cut the rest of the butter into small pieces and work it with a spatula to soften it; blend it with the shallots and herbs.
Just before serving, stir the herb butter into the casserole on a low heat. Pour it into soup plates and serve piping hot... Bon appetit !

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